We advise our clients with regard to the type of company and we give choice of jurisdiction to be used suiting their particular scenario, needs and tax incentives. Therefore our company is able at any time to:

  • Offer suitable commercial, legal and tax advice fitting to client’s specific needs and orientation
  • Supply swift instructions for the formation of new companies and / or offer off-the-shelf companies, through the use of our local and international network
  • Provide, upon request, special country report for all jurisdictions proposed and  / or advising on, mainly covering facts such as:
    • Country’s brief profile
    • Company regime & legal characteristics
    • Tax regime applicable
    • Double Tax Treaties
    • Relevant costs involved with regard to company formation, off-the-shelf purchase, corporate changes and ongoing annual fees imposed by each jurisdiction (other than trustee / nominee fees).

We prepare in advance, in a suitable professional checklist, all information and documents required from clients in setting up a company including all necessary “Knowing Your Client” (KYC) information. The checklist shall include amongst others the following:


Corporate ‘set up’ Information

For the corporate set up of the company we need to receive the following precise details from the clients:

  • Company name selection
  • “Objects” (activity) description
  • Registered office address
  • Share capital structure and requirements
  • Shareholders details (legal or physical persons)
  • Directors/Secretary details (legal or physical persons)


“Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) information

For legal entity (acting as directors/shareholders/beneficial owners):

  • incorporation certificate
  • Memorandum & Articles of association
  • Statement of the Register
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Resolutions showing the current director
  • Share Certificate showing the current shareholder
  • Register of officers and members
  • Trust Deed (if the shareholder is a nominee)

For physical persons (directors/shareholders/beneficial owners)

  • Passport
  • Latest utility bill (<3 months old)
  • bank reference letter (at least for the beneficial owner)
  • CV (at least for the beneficial owner)
  • Contact details



We provide our clients with full set of corporate services including:

  • Corporate changes in trade names, company officials, company shareholders and registered office
  • Companies search with the Registrar
  • Filing of Annual Returns to the Registrar
  • Notarization, certification and apostil of all types of corporate and other documents
  • Drafting of all relevant Company Board Resolutions
  • Maintaining common seal of the company