CYCHARTS Global Corporate Services is a subsidiary company of CYCHARTS GROUP, which was established in Cyprus since 1995. The company was set up with a primary purpose to serve its growing clientele as “one stop shop” for global corporate and other affiliated services; extending into the fields of “offshore” company formation, international tax planning, fiduciary services, banking services, auditing, accounting, general administration and international logistics services.

The company is comprised and surrounded by a team of professional people,  a group of connected / affiliated companies and an international network of associates, with significant experience and displacement, wide commercial awareness and “connections” and with a view to operate a dynamic and flexible professional practice which provides high quality services.

The group has been developed innovatively and efficiently over the years by providing a wider range of services and advice, beyond the traditional role and barriers of merely corporate and fiduciary services. Such extraordinary and combined services and advice include:

  • International Trade and Logistics consultancy and services, including ‘triangle trading’ mechanics and related banking instruments and documentation.
  • Work permit, Residency and Citizenship services
  • Investment Promotion Agency services